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30 Walmart Beauty Products That'll Make You Feel Like A TikTok Influencer

May 20, 2023

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You'll be posting haul videos with these products in no time.

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Promising review: "I am a 44-year-old pro makeup artist. This concealer is fantastic, especially for more mature or dryer skin. It blends easily, and it is very moisturizing without settling into fine lines. Highly recommend!" —Judith

Price: $10.48 (available in two shades)

Promising review: "This cleansing balm immediately melts away waterproof makeup including liquid lipstick and mascara, and rinses off easily with water without leaving any residue. I really like the flip-top lid with a mini spoon to scoop out the product. This balm has a slight floral scent, but it is not overwhelming. It says that this is a 3-in-1 cleanser and there is no need for a double cleanse. However, I feel better washing my face a second time. I do enjoy using this cleanser and will continue to do so." —Woolah

Price: $16.97

Promising review: "I love this braid gel. I typically use a different brand, but Mielle absolutely competes. I used it for a sleek style I did myself, plan to use it on my daughter's cornrows. I love Mielle products' quality, smell, and price point. I will definitely be purchasing again!" —Megan

Price: $9.97

See one TikToker pack it in their travel bag here.

Promising review: "This stuff is so amazing! I have dry, mature skin, and haven't been able to use anything without that tight, dry feeling after washing my face. Not this. It removes all my makeup, but leaves my skin feeling silky and smooth. Oh my gosh, I'm in love. I've tried several brands, and this is a WINNER. 🏆" —Lynette

Price: $8.97

Promising review: "I have used the new Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel for at least two weeks and it has truly improved my dry skin around my eyes and my cheeks. My skin feels so soft and less dry, and the Bio-Oil skin gel really was easily absorbed and [had a] non-greasy feel on my skin, and I love the nice beautiful rose color of the gel and the soft texture." —Eric

Price: $11.99

Promising review: "I love that this product is lightweight and feels refreshing on the skin." —Jassy

Price: $15.99 (originally $18)

Promising review: "This waterproof mascara does exactly what it's supposed to. The Very Black is a nice rich and pigmented black. I like the spoolie/ does a great job of separating your lashes and is perfect for lower lashes. I don't experience any mid-day flaking or smudging with this product. I have very watery, sensitive eyes (especially in the morning) and also wear contact lenses, and I have had no issues with, it stays on even when my eyes are watery. You do need to use makeup remover to wash it off, but that's to be expected of a good waterproof mascara. This is a winner!!" —Susan

Price: $9.98

Promising review: "This highlighter is stunning! The iridescent reflects are beautiful, and you can't beat the price! I love using highlighter on my eyelids, for the perfect shimmery glow...when the light hits, it's so pretty! Prettier than a regular shimmery eyeshadow can do." —Lisa

Price: $9.98 (available in two shades)

Promising review: "Lightweight. Gorgeous glow from tint. I am very fair and walk daily, and I have yet to get even a tiny bit sunburned. Perfect sunblock." —Sherri

Price: $10.49 (originally $17.99)

Promising review: "I absolutely loved these bobby pins! So cute and fashionable! They shine in the sunlight and have a great hold on my thick hair! Highly recommend for anyone who wants a cute and usable look." —Danni3

Price: $5.97 for a four-pack

Promising review: "I love the consistency of butter blush, I thought the color would be more of a red, it is more like a rose color. But I still like it!" —LotionGal

Price: $11.48 (originally $14.94; available in five shades)

Promising review: "Very black, doesn't dry up after one use like most cheap liquid pen liners. I will definitely repurchase." —Nicole

Price: $2.98

Promising review: "This is an amazing and lightweight primer, it goes on so smooth and makes my makeup last all day. When you first put it on, it feels a little sticky, but that quickly goes away, and it leaves your makeup looking so good. I was skeptical about this primer at first because of the price, but I was so impressed!"—Courtney

Price: $10

Promising review: "I put these on before I go to bed, and by the time I wake up the pimple has been reduced or almost completely gone! Of course, some times are better than others, and it doesn't always work."—Charlene

Price: $10.97 for a 32-pack

Promising review: "Only stuff that moisturizes but doesn't burn and irritate my skin or cause acne in any form on my acne-prone skin. Use it in conjunction with Adapalene gel every night, and I have the clearest skin since high school. My routine with these products even squashes menstrual cycle-related outbreaks." —BioDestiny

Price: $14.97

Promising review: "This is to replace an inexpensive Revlon that has lost its heat setting. Let's see how long it will last; bought on sale. Thank you, Walmart." —Joa

Price: $93.99 (originally $139.98)

Promising review: "I have super dry skin, so I tried CereVe night cream for softer skin, and boy, was I surprised! My skin was transformed overnight! The next morning my skin was still moisturized, not dry and parched, feeling as with my previous moisturizer. This cream is worth trying. A little goes a long way, and the price compared to other night creams is very reasonable. Needless to say, I will be buying this cream repeatedly!" —Jen

Price: $15.38

Promising review: "Love the lightweight coverage and the beautiful bronze color it provides. I use moisturizer first and then setting spray after the glowtion application. Perfect for an everyday minimal look or a relaxed beach vacation." —Shelby

Price: $12.97 (originally $15.63; available in four shades)

Promising review: "This is my favorite brand of nail polish and color in 'Pink Cloud'. It's sheer, goes on smooth, and is a beautiful shade for a French manicure or solid color. ❤️!" —Koral

Price: $5.95 (originally $7.48; available in 24 shades)

Promising review: "I LOVE this product!! I have struggled to find a heat protector that has left my hair non-greasy and smelling good...I finally found it. This product is awesome. I also love how it sprays out. Very misty and not just a straight line of spray. I recommend this product 100%." —Makayla

Price: $7.94

Promising review: "I have low porosity, very coarse, naturally grey/silver hair, mid-back length with 2-b waves that don't like protein, aloe, lots of glycerin, or heavy oils/butters. I follow the curly girl method, which works great for me, but it can be a challenge finding products without those ingredients that work for my hair. I tried the moisturizing shampoo, moisturizing conditioner, and the leave-in curl cream from this line, and I'm pretty excited about my results! This shampoo doesn't lather a lot which is fine and what I'm used to. It has a very light, lotion-like scent, and my hair felt clean and moisturized but not coated with anything, if that makes sense." —Bedshopper

Price: $9.97

Promising review: "Oily combo skin, and this wore beautifully. My skin felt soft and hydrated after removing it. Reminds me of a high-end foundation with a value price. Great coverage and buildable. Covered my redness perfectly." —Ash

Price: $13.98 (available in 18 shades)

Promising review: "Loved it. My face feels super refreshed after using it, and it cleared up my face so much in no time! It is also cooling on my skin." —Kaylie

Price: $11.98

Promising review: "I love this heated eyelash curler. Heats up fast and really curls my lashes, and they stay curled all day. I have short eyelashes, and after using this curler, they really make my eyelashes look long. I highly recommend this product." —Patricia

Price: $12.99 (originally $25)

Promising review: "I've tried so many brands of setting spray and I always find myself going back to the Milani setting spray! It's so good! It makes my makeup stay in place even on the hottest days! I always keep this in my makeup bag, I couldn't live without it!" —Skye

Price: $13.97

Promising review: "A very beautiful piece! It's soft and silky, bringing an alternative to hair wear. I love that this doesn't damage your hair and keeps it all in place. My favorite part has to be the gorgeous vibrant colors. This bandanna is stylish, matches with different skin tones, and doesn't discriminate against any type of skin, and feels very smooth when wearing. I even love the designer's selection of tag inside that helps you hang it up neatly and not stuffed in a drawer. A beautiful piece for sure!"—Dreamer

Price: $9.98

Promising review: "Totally worth it works just like it should and yields awesome results with anything." —CC

Price: $6.98

Promising review: "Made my lips pillowy soft. I couldn't stop putting my lips together just to feel how smooth they were, not greasy either, and my lips stayed softer long after. So good!"—DJ

Price: $10.87

Promising review: "Wow! I can't believe how much I love this powder! And I've tried so many powders, including high-end. I like it much better than Laura Mercier's, even better than Osmosis loose powder (and that was my favorite before this one), and many other powders. I have fair/light warm tone, oily skin, with some fine lines starting under my eyes, and this powder does a great job of blurring and keeping my oil at bay. But it doesn't look cakey if I need to reapply. I use either a sponge or a brush to apply, and it looks great either way. I'm so happy with this! :D" —Heaxcalibur

Price: $6.38 (originally $13.19)

Promising review: "I figured the hype about Wet Brush was just that...hype. But I'm in love with this brush. I have very long, fine, wavy/curly hair that tangles a lot and has a lot of breakage. I've been using the same Goody wide-toothed comb for 20 years, so I thought I'd try out something new. Hoping that it eventually helps reduce breakage...if it does, then I'll increase my rating to 10 stars. ;) I have only used it once for actually blowdrying my hair. It definitely speeded up the process with the open slits in the back of the brush. I used it to speed up the drying time for my hair before styling it with a curling wand. The brush is the perfect amount of flexibility. And the ombre color is really nice." —Stefanie

Price: $14.25 (originally $21.50)

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.