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Talented Artist Creates Unique Pokemon Pendants Made Of Glass

Aug 09, 2023

An artistically skilled glassblower shows off their impressive glass pendants of the original Pokemon starter trio from the Generation 1 games.

A skilled Pokemon fan recently crafted impressive glass pendants of the original Starter trio. 150 Pokemon were introduced in Pokemon Red and Blue, and among the most well-recognized of them are the three that players choose from at the start of the game. Before venturing off into the Kanto region, players have the option to select the grassy Bulbasaur, fire-breathing Charmander, and water-dwelling Squirtle as their very first Pokemon. This choice serves as a sort of difficulty setting for the first two Gym Leaders and would set the format for every mainline Pokemon game to follow.

There have been eight more sets of Starter Pokemon since the Generation 1 trio, but Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle remain some of the most iconic creatures in Nintendo’s ever-growing Pokemon franchise due to being around since the very beginning. Dedicated fans have recreated these Starters and their later evolutionary stages in many different ways, including drawings and LEGO sculptures. Some of these players have imagined what each one would look like with their Type switched or given them Paradox variants inspired by those introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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Reddit user and glassblower moyse_glass recently showed off their awe-inspiring glass Pokemon pendants on r/pokemon, each one commemorating a different Kanto Region Starter. Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle are each housed in a glass sphere themed after their particular element, with a Poke Ball sitting on top to connect them to a necklace. As of this writing, moyse_glass’s post has only garnered 55 upvotes and one comment, but the user that responded complimented them for their impressive work.

There has been plenty of official Pokemon-themed jewelry released over the years, including a pink gold necklace of Gen 1’s comically ineffective Magikarp and incredibly expensive crystal figures of Pikachu and the iconic Poke Ball that houses these creatures. Fans have also crafted their own crystal versions of classic Kanto Pokemon like Onyx and impressive stained glass artworks of Squirtle, Togepi, and even Eevee’s Psychic evolution Espeon.

Moyse_glass’s eye-catching Generation 1 Starter Pokemon necklaces are every bit as impressive as these previously described works, showing off each creature and the elemental abilities that set them apart on the battlefield. The Pokemon franchise has always been a rich source of fan inspiration due to the countless collectible monsters that inhabit it, and it is only a matter of time before another talented player demonstrates their skills with a masterful drawing, sculpture, or homemade necklace of their favorite Pokemon.

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