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Nov 05, 2023

If you know anything about the government, you knew that when cannabis was made legal big business was going to take over. I remember in the 70’s and 80’s there were rumors that big tobacco was already to start selling packs and cartons of joints. I have always said that when the feds get involved the price will go up due to the taxes and red tape. It is great to see the price drop but like other growers the price drop does hurt us more. I grow for quality and though my profits are not as much as they used to be my friends know that they can still get the same high-quality cannabis that I have been growing for years. I listen to them complain about the crap they are getting and read about all the crap the dispensaries are selling and swag weed. Like any business there are people who will take advantage and that sucks big time. I have always bought seeds from seedbanks or clones from the emerald triangle. Black market smoke will always be here just like black market cigs, liquor who really wants to give anymore more money to the feds then we already do. The people here bitching about how capitalism has ruined the industry, think again if it was not for the greedy capitalistic businessmen weed would not be legal as they can see how much money can be made and have poured millions into states that where it was illegal to make it legal so that they can be the first to get their foot in the door in that state. Yes, that sucks but it is what it is. Anyone that has been growing for years does not like the downturn in prices, but it is what is. We reaped the money from the early days and people who think growers are not capitalists need to rethink that statement. Growers that grow the very best cannabis have always set the price ever since the early days of California Red Hair Sinsemilla. Capitalism was always the beast that would kill freedom we had as growers. Now we will be taxed and taxed and regulated to death. Is that we wanted we when wanted cannabis legalized? For me it isnt. I just to grow, sell to the people I care about and give them the best possible cannabis that is all dried out, low terps, shitty aroma, and prices that are way to high for the swag they sell. Buy from your local cannabis provider get better quality and pricing. We all have out got to guy for smoke. Do not forget about them in these trying times of crappy legal cannabis