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Food with flair at Avon’s Stoke & Rye

Jun 27, 2023

News News | Aug 2, 2023

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At Stoke & Rye, creativity elevates classics. Chef Richard Sandoval’s restaurant takes cuisine to its highest level with artisan — and various tableside — approaches. Its menu fuses traditional dishes with fresh flavors, making Stoke & Rye an upscale contemporary American grill, which seamlessly blends Sandoval’s versatility and innovation.

Whether you choose the 52 oz. tomahawk flamed with moonshine whiskey table-side or order one of the slow-roasted dishes, like the chicken served in a cast-iron dish with the creamiest grits and perfectly cooked asparagus and heirloom carrots in a chili-based vinaigrette, mouthwatering memories extend well beyond your dining experience. Chef Angel Munoz follows time-honored, authentic methods of preparing meals, from slow roasting in wood embers to braising or smoking, which allow the true flavors of the ingredients to emerge.

Guests love the tableside experiences, which aren’t just limited to a flaming tomahawk steak: From cocktails and starters to desserts, menu items continue to impress. Angels Over the City combines bourbon and sweet vermouth with Angostura bitters as servers top the glass and smoke it tableside; the Old Fashioned also smokes from a rocks cocktail glass. Stoke & Rye improves upon the traditional cacio e pepe, serving the pasta in a parmesan wheel with a bit of heavy cream and smoked pork belly bites. Oysters on the half shell with caviar are delivered in a smoking lemon-bourbon aioli with applewood chips. For dessert, chocolate ganache, brownie crumbs, cacao nib and salted caramel ice cream smokes from the mouth of a large mason jar, combining the best of homemade sweetness with a s’mores-around-the-campfire kind of feel.

Yet, for all of Stoke & Rye’s ambiance — from its bright, modern interior to its warm, friendly staff and artistic presentations, ultimately, it’s the flavorful cuisine that shines brightest of all: Nothing is ordinary, but Stoke & Rye’s modern twist on classics remains completely accessible. Munoz elevates house-made rolls with rosemary and sea salt, served with subtly sweet maple butter. Salads surprise the tastebuds, ranging from crisp wedges with savory blue cheese dressing, bacon, cherry tomatoes and a six-minute egg to the burrata salad’s lightly sweet cantaloupe, candied nut brittle and port wine glaze complementing the burrata and prosciutto. A rich, savory broth accompanies the wild mushroom ravioli, while specialties like the thick and oh-so-tender Sakura pork loin medallions wrapped in apple-wood bacon feature a creamy barigoule artichoke puree, crisp golden beets and an apricot-almond sauce.

“We bring family and friends all together to have a good experience through high-end dishes.” Angel Munoz, Chef

Stoke & Rye’s refined cocktails, beers and wines, along with its bourbon whiskey flights — ranging from Colorado-only to around-the-world — add to the spectacular evening, and desserts top it off. Presented as an artistic, three-dimensional masterpiece, the maple pecan pie satisfies on all accounts with its light, sweet crust and filling, paired with salted caramel ice cream.

The airy, contemporary restaurant, located in the Westin Riverfront, provides gorgeous views of Beaver Creek’s surrounding mountains, along with an expansive patio, open nightly at 5 p.m. Live music enhances your fine-dining mountain experience every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 5:30-8:30 p.m. “We bring family and friends all together to have a good experience through high-end dishes,” Munoz said.

The Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa126 Riverfront Ln.Avon,

Price:Appetizers: $8-$34Entrees: $28-$79

Ambiance:Comfortable, upscalemodern American grill

Signature dishes:52 oz. tomahawk ($195) fired and carved tableside, cast iron chicken, Sakura pork loin

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Burrata salad with baby arugula, cantaloupe, prosciutto, candied nut brittle, basil pesto and balsamic reduction.