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40 Cheap Things For Your Backyard With The Highest Ratings That You Never Knew Existed

Jun 11, 2023


Your backyard is about to become a cool oasis.

Elevating your backyard space doesn’t mean you’re stuck choosing between clunky folding chairs and seriously overpriced outdoor sofas. There are a bunch of cool backyard upgrades out there — and wouldn’t you know it, they’re all here on this one handy list.

These budget-friendly finds for your backyard also happen to have high ratings on Amazon, so you know they’re worth adding to your setup. It’s not just patio furniture, either. These unique add-ons will make every part of your outdoor space better.

This clip-on and dimmable umbrella light is such a quick way to make your patio feel a bit cozier at night. It’s lined with 12 LEDs and comes with a remote, so you can control this light inside your home before you step outside to relax after work. Just be sure to use the timer settings, so this chic patio lighting will turn off (even if you forget).

This grill scraper is way more compact than a grill brush, and it’s easier to wipe off all of the food when you’re done cleaning thanks to its bristle-free, stainless steel design. Instead of grimy bristles, this scraper is lined with a bunch of notches to scrape all different shapes of grill grates. It’s also topped off with an expensive-looking leather handle and a bottle opener (a must).

This citronella candle comes with a wood wick and a s’mores scent to give your yard that cozy bonfire vibe (even if you don’t have a fire pit). It keeps away mosquitos with a 25-hour burn time. As a bonus, it comes in a durable tin design with a lid on top to protect it from the elements when you’re not relaxing on your porch.

This wine-chilling bucket doesn’t just look chic and expensive with its glossy stainless steel design — it keeps your wine cooler for longer. According to the brand, a chilled wine bottle in this bucket will keep cool for two hours without ice and the pesky sweating that comes with ice.

This horseshoe-like game is a super simple backyard party option that won’t take up a bunch of space in your yard. You can quickly set up the two stands and pop whatever target you want on top, like a bottle, cup, or a water balloon. Then, you use the included flying discs to knock off that precarious target.

These glass carafes are such an easy way to make your outdoor setup feel chicer, because they look more put together than sparkling water cans and drink bottles on your patio table, and the necks are wide enough to infuse your beverage with fresh fruits and herbs. Each one also comes with a lid to keep out bugs and prevent spills, and they’re slim enough that you can put them in the fridge when you come inside.

With these magnetic lights, you can grill anywhere outside without worrying about the sun setting halfway through cooking dinner. They stick right onto the top of your grill, and you can adjust the bendable gooseneck to focus the nine bright LED lights to perfectly illuminate your food. They come in a little case, so it’s easy to carry these fan-favorite lights outside with all of your grilling utensils and ingredients.

With basically a perfect rating after over 67,000 reviews on Amazon, it’s clear people are obsessed with this slim can cooler. In addition to coming in over 30 trendy colors (think: hot pink, rainbow, and camo), this cooler features double-walled stainless steel and a copper lining to keep your slim 12-ounce cans cold for a long, long time. The non-slip base and anti-sweatign design also makes this a practical way to hold your drinks.

This screen door is easy to install, because it comes with push pins and hook-and-loop fasteners that will blend right into the mesh design, so it will look like it’s actually built-in. The center has a bunch of magnets, so you can easily push right through it (even with drinks in your hands) to make your way outside, while also keeping pests out of your home. It also has little ties on the side if you’re going in and out a bunch.

This wood table is such a go-to for your backyard because it’s designed for charcuterie boards. It comes with six slots to hold onto wine glasses and built-in holders for the included cheese knives underneath. It also has an extra-sturdy stake that you stick right in the ground, so you won’t have to deal with an uneven table.

Everything about these dishwasher-safe paper plate holders makes them perfect for backyard parties. They’re sturdy enough to keep everyone’s food sturdy and intact when they’re walking around or playing lawn games. They also come in a colorful pack, so it’s easy to remember which plate is yours.

These waterproof solar LED lights will honestly look like custom deck lights, no matter where you put them on your deck or patio. The curved design will fit right on top of railings or curve around steps and garden fences to illuminate your outdoor space in chic (and completely automatic) lighting.

Sit back from the campfire and relax, while you toast marshmallows or hot dogs with these clever roasting sticks. They extend from 10 to 33 inches so you don’t have to get too close to the flames. What makes these sticks really cool, however, is the thumb wheel that you can spin so the fork rotates, allowing you to get a perfect, even cook on your campfire food.

This inflatable float with a pillow works as a comfy lounge chair for backyard parties, a mini pool if you fill it with water, and you can toss it in a large pool as a float. It has a ribbed bottom that’s comfy to lay on as you soak in cool water, and the side also has a spot for your drink which is handy — no matter how you’re using this float.

This little caddy gives you a convenient spot to put all of your utensils party napkins for outdoor dinner parties. It has four tidy slots for napkins, forks, knives, and spoons, and a minimalist design that will fit right in with your outdoor furniture and decor. It also comes with an expensive-looking wooden handle on top to carry it out to your table.

This mosquito repeller will create a 15-foot shield against mosquitos, and the silent, DEET-free, smoke-free, and scent-free design won’t ruin your relaxing backyard time. Instead of being a candle or spray, this device has an easy-to-setup diffuser design that mimics nature to keep pests far, far away from you.

With this grilling basket, you can put every ingredient for dinner on the grill — even thin or tiny morsels like asparagus or shrimp. The stainless steel design closes around all of your ingredients to cook them without losing them between the grates. Plus, it makes flipping everything way easier than usual, because you can just use the handle instead of turning every individual piece with tongs.

Add a touch of whimsy to your porch or patio with this cute hanging planter. Made of durable ceramic, this 5-inch wide planter looks like a sweet beehive and is a great size for succulents, aloe vera, or snake plants. And when it gets too cold outside for your favorite plant baby, this pot can be placed indoors, too.

Your outdoor sofa will always look perfectly styled with these pillow covers because they’re waterproof enough to stay clean and stain-free. They’re also machine-washable if your patio ever needs a little refresh after a rainstorm. Their crisp, colorful material is also dust-resistant, so they’ll feel comfy and freshly-washed every time you go outside.

This machine-washable mosquito canopy will honestly look like chic and billowy curtains around your patio or your outdoor table. The super fine mesh is light enough to see through, but it will still keep all of the annoying bugs out. It also comes with hooks, an easy-to-setup rope, and a bag to tuck it away after your cookout is complete.

Make consistent 1/3 or 1/4 burger patties every single time by using this clever burger press. Made of durable and easy-to-clean aluminum, this burger press lessens the amount that you have to handle ground meat, which makes your burgers juicier and less susceptible to crumbling on the grill. Plus, the top can double as a press to make trendy smash burgers.

Turn any table into a table tennis court with this portable ping pong set. It comes with two paddles, a retractable net, and four balls, so set-up for multiple players is a breeze. Best of all, the paddles in this ping pong set are made of five layers of wood, so they’re definitely durable enough to pull out for outdoor parties. They also have a sweat-resistant (read: non-slip) handle on the bottom in case it’s super warm outside.

These serving trays are made of shatterproof, BPA-free plastic, so you don’t have to worry about their durability when putting them outside for barbecues or easy after-work dinners. This set of three are lightweight for carrying around everything from cookies to burgers and dishwasher-safe and stackable for easy post-meal cleanup.

This rug has a braided design that’s surprisingly soft for a durable outdoor rug option. You won’t have to worry about dirt ruining its neutral and minimalist finish because you can simply rinse it with a garden hose. It’s also thin enough to stick right in front of your patio or backyard door without it catching.

This digital meat thermometer has a bottle opener built right onto the end, so you can open drinks after you check the temp of that chicken you’re grilling. The waterproof design also comes with an easy-to-read LED screen that displays the internal temperature of your meat in just three seconds and a big power button to make it easy to use for nighttime cookouts.

This UV-blocking sun shade looks so much chicer than an umbrella, and it will take up way less space in your yard while giving you more coverage. The easy-to-hang fabric cover will allow plenty of filtered light to shine through, so you get UV protection but air and light still keep your yard comfy.

These 51.5-inch long inflatable serving trays have an oversized design that’s so perfect for serving a bunch of drinks and food at outdoor parties. After using the included hand pump, you can fill these trays with ice. They even come with built-in drainage holes when it’s time to clean up the cookout.

These motion-sensor, solar-powered LED lights will look like you had some seriously professional lighting installed on your home or patio. They’re waterproof, heat-resistant, and frost-resistant, so they’ll be a super long-lasting backyard add-on to last through all seasons and weather. You can mount them using screws, mounting tape, or wire, so adding these lawn-illuminating lights anywhere will be as easy as pie.

These non-slip gloves are a must for all of your grilling projects because they’re covered in heat-resistant silicone all the way around, and they can withstand temperatures from -104 to 446 degrees. They also have a cotton lining, so they’ll be soft and comfy the entire time you’re grilling.

Not only do these holders let you take your drink in the pool, but they’ll look seriously adorable floating around. They’re like a mini version of those trendy flamingo floats, and they have an anti-tip design to keep your drink perfectly upright while it’s floating around. If pink flamingoes aren’t your vibe, these holders come in 15 other designs including unicorns, cheeseburgers, and dragons.

You can mount this sleek little bottle opener outside with barely any effort, and it will always look nice with its rustproof design. It has built-in magnets to hold onto each cap, so it will keep your yard or patio completely bottle-cap free during outdoor parties.

Instead of a classic woven hammock that gets all gross and grimy when it rains, grab this durable and machine-washable nylon hammock for your backyard. It comes with easy-to-use straps and hooks, so you can also move it all around your outdoor space — or even take it to the park — whenever you feel like it.

These stylish wine glasses deserve a spot with all of your backyard party supplies because they’re completely shatter- and dent-proof, which makes them a safer, more durable choice. They have a classic stemless shape to give them that wine glass look, but the stainless steel construction will also keep your chilled wine or favorite drink cold.

This picnic blanket has a ton of clever features that make it a best-seller on Amazon. First of all, it has a super soft top with a padded layer and waterproof layer beneath it, making it durable and comfortable for sitting in the grass. A zippered pocket gives you a handy plash to stash essentials, too. Finally, it’s lightweight at 2.3 pounds yet large enough to fit four to six adults.

This wall-mounted (or tree-mounted) ring toss game is such an entertaining backyard party option. After you hang it up, you simply try to loop the ring onto the hook. It takes no time to start but some time to master, adding to the fun. It comes with an extendable pole, so you can fold it up neatly against the wall when you’re not playing this surfboard-shaped outdoor game.

These are the gardening gloves that you’ll reach for all the time because they’ll actually keep your hands dry and comfy while you dig in the dirt. Speaking of digging, these gloves actually save you tons of time and extra tools, because the fingertips are actually built-in claws that let you effectively and efficiently dig in the dirt.

Skip the tongs that ruin your grill marks and wipe off your marinade and use this clever food flipper instead. The stainless steel hook pierces through the fat of your meat, so you don’t lose any juices from the inside or grill marks, char, or marinade from the outside. Best of all, it’s 17 inches long, which can help you stay safe while cooking.

This waterproof wall-mounted organizer saves you from having a bunch of gardening tools cluttering up your garage, closet, or shed floor. It holds up to 35 pounds in case you have a few extra-heavy lawn tools that don’t have a tidy spot. There are also six hooks on the front that are perfect for dog leashes or your gardening hat.

These little battery-operated lanterns are such an easy way to add some extra lighting to your patio without committing to keeping something in one spot. Simply pop them on your outdoor table, pull up the LED light to illuminate your space, and the magnetic base will keep it in place. They also have a hook on top if you have a spot to hang these versatile lanterns.

These hanging planters have a textured stone finish that’s super trendy, but they’re also surprisingly lightweight. They have sturdy (and aesthetic) ropes on top to easily hang your plant babies in a window. You can also adjust the height, and the drainage holes will take care of your plants on watering day.

Allison Bolt