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Noel Gallagher’s shock new rider revealed

Jul 27, 2023

AS one of the hardest-partying stars of the Nineties and Noughties, it looks like Noel Gallagher nowadays prefers a more sedate tipple – Evian water.

Backstage at Hardwick Festival in County Durham, onlookers told me how the Oasis and High Flying Birds star asked for the venue’s standard bottled water to be replaced with the posh French brand.

A source said: “Noel knows good wine and beer – and he clearly has his favourites when it comes to the water he would drink.

“He had the normal bottles of water which were put in his dressing room exchanged for chilled bottles of Evian because it’s the brand he likes best.”

Noel, who was spotted clutching a bottle on stage during his performance and during a fan Q and A in London last week, previously joked he used Evian to fill his swimming pool.

Talking about his annoyance when Oasis tracks used to leak online, Noel quipped: “Pinch as many Kaiser Chiefs as you like, get The Pigeon Detectives. Don’t nick any Oasis.

“I need to keep the Evian water topped up in my swimming pool.”

At this rate, Noel, they’ll be sponsoring your next tour.

RAYE brought the crowds at All Points East to tears with a moving speech before singing her song Ice Cream Man – a track she wrote about her experience of sexual assault.

Her moving performance was a highlight of the weekend, with The Strokes also blowing me away on Friday.

But a special mention must go to dance duo Jungle, whose debut headline festival set sounded phenomenal on Saturday night.

I predict bigger things for these two.

NATASHA Bedingfield has helped pen countless hits throughout her career.

But after years of chasing chart-toppers, she is going back to her roots for her next project.

The Unwritten singer, who took to the stage at Manchester Pride with over the weekend, said: “I am always writing and working on new music.

“I asked to get out of my label deal because I felt pressure to write a certain type of music.

“I want my music to mean and say something, and not just write music to have a hit single.

“When you have a hit it’s easy to get obsessed with trying to chase your own success.

“Labels always want you to recreate what you have done before, but most artists are wanting to create ­something new.”

HAILEY Bieber was like a ray of sunshine on my overcast Bank Holiday weekend.

The model was pictured on a night out at the Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica in a white mini dress with a bright orange and yellow print.

She was joined on the night out by her best pals, fellow clothes horse queens Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

Hailey, who is married to Canadian pop superstar Justin, has just come back from a mini-break with Kendall.

The pair were photographed living their best lives on a yacht earlier in the weekend and, given the depth of Hailey’s tan, it seems the sun was definitely shining on them.

During their trip on the boat, Kendall was dishing out shots of tequila to help kick off their weekend of fun.

Naturally, as Kim Kardashian’s younger sister, Kendall made sure her turn as a bartender was a good promotional opportunity, as she was dishing out her own brand of 818 tequila.