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Lazy Dog's Beer Club Releases 'Road Warriors' Themed Lineup

Oct 10, 2023

Lazy Dog Beer Club, a quarterly membership created by beer lovers, for beer lovers, introduces its 19th quarterly release, which is inspired by an underground race with custom off-road vehicles.

The “Road Warriors” quarterly kit includes an eight-pack of four uniquely brewed beers from four breweries across the country. The beer names and label art represent the ultimate, custom racing machines. A zine included with the kit provides an overview of each brewery and beer style, plus tasting notes, ingredients and suggested pairings for each beer.

For this release, Lazy Dog Beer Club teamed up with Bottle Logic Brewing in Anaheim, Calif.; Pollyanna Brewing Company in Lemont, Ill.; Calicraft Brewing Co. in Walnut Creek, Calif.; and Living the Dream Brewing Co. in Littleton, Colo.

The release includes the following beers:

“Snowballistic” Pineapple Cold IPA // ABV: 6.5% // IBU: 60

This pineapple cold IPA is brewed with lager yeast at colder temperatures for an unexpected twist on the traditional IPA. The taste is subtly sweet with lingering pineapple flavor and moderate tropical hop bitterness. Playing off the key tasting notes, the beer can illustrates a resilient snowplow rig, dead set on defending its precious pineapple cargo.

About the Brewer: Bottle Logic Brewing is known for producing barrel-aged stouts, alongside a lineup of hoppy and other experimental beers. Several of their beers have been ranked as the best in California as reported by BeerAdvocate.

“Imperial Joe” Imperial Dark Ale with Coffee// ABV: 10.0% // IBU: 35

Presenting a gritty, chopped-up machine on the beer can, this imperial dark ale with coffee has a medium mouthfeel backed by a touch of hop and coffee bitterness with a dry finish. The aroma bursts with notes of coffee, roasted malts, orange peels and dark berries.

About the Brewer: Calicraft Brewing Co. started with a passion for crafted beverages with the belief that better products can create a better world, solve problems and support sustainability. Whether through collaborations, sourcing or storytelling, their products strive to be both delicious and meaningful and reflect their values and beliefs.

“Honey Hauler” Farmhouse Ale with Honey and Lemon// ABV: 5.8% // IBU: 38

This honey-lemon farmhouse ale takes the classic farmhouse ale and transforms it with bold, complex tea-inspired flavors. The beer tastes like fresh lemons and spice and has subtle sweet notes from the honey. The Honey Hauler boasts a can design highlighting an off-road adventurer modeled after the fearsome honeybee.

About the Brewer: Living the Dream Brewing Co. is built on a foundation of brewing beer using only the finest ingredients. They celebrate the people, places and activities of the Centennial State.

“Coal Roller” Smoked Helles Lager// ABV: 4.7% // IBU: 20

The deep golden, smoked Helles lager is perfectly balanced with mild bready and grainy sweetness. A hint of cherrywood smoke, wood, bready grain and floral hops hits the nose. The beer can artwork showcases a jury-rigged desert traverser adding an additional touch of adventure to this brew.

About the Brewer: Pollyanna Brewing Company is constantly experimenting with local fruits and spices, seasonal lagers, barrel-aging, and wild yeast and bacteria. They have taproom locations in Lemont, Roselle and St. Charles, Ill., that offer tasting flights, pints, 64oz growlers and 32oz howlers to go.

“‘Road Warriors’ doesn’t only deliver a unique selection of tasty craft beers, but also storytelling that transports our members to the thrill of off-grid racing,” says Susana Carranza, vice president of marketing and commercial strategy for Lazy Dog. “We’ve loved seeing each brewer’s unique creative take on this theme shine through in this release, and we can’t wait to get it in the hands of our members for them to enjoy.”

“Road Warriors” was brewed in collaboration with Pure Madness. This release is only available to qualified Lazy Dog Beer Club members. Those interested in signing up for a Lazy Dog Beer Club membership can sign up online or at any Lazy Dog Restaurant in California, Nevada, Colorado, Florida, Virginia, Illinois and Texas. Guests in Georgia can sign up in-restaurant at the locations in Peachtree Corners and Dunwoody. Once signed up, members receive a first beer kit, which includes Lazy Dog Restaurant house beer and a first kit glass plus additional perks such as draft beer upgrades, monthly draft samplers in-restaurant, 10% off takeout orders, beer-to-go discounts, priority seating when there’s a wait at the restaurant, and more. Members will then receive a themed beer kit for each additional quarter in which they are an active member, plus a continuation of their membership benefits. Membership starts at $39 per quarter. Lazy Dog Beer Club also has merchandise available online for purchase, including branded T-shirts and hats.

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“Snowballistic” Pineapple Cold IPA // ABV: 6.5% // IBU: 60About the Brewer:“Imperial Joe” Imperial Dark Ale with Coffee// ABV: 10.0% // IBU: 35About the Brewer:“Honey Hauler” Farmhouse Ale with Honey and Lemon// ABV: 5.8% // IBU: 38About the Brewer:“Coal Roller” Smoked Helles Lager// ABV: 4.7% // IBU: 20About the Brewer: