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la prairie x sabine marcelis turns skincare into an acts of indulge

Jul 05, 2023

La Prairie, the luxury Swiss skincare house, collaborates with Dutch based designer Sabine Marcelis to elevate the Skin Caviar Luxe Cream experience. The recipient of Elle Decor’s 2023 designer of the year award contributes Skin Caviar Ritual, a limited addition capsule tray. Soothingly crafted in marbled gray and cobalt tones, the vanity tray features a spatula to transform the lifting and firming skincare routine into a moment of pure indulgence.

Available from September only on, the limited edition La Prairie X Sabine Marcelis coffret features the reimagined Skin Caviar Luxe Cream and one of 300 numbered vanity trays.

Sabine Marcelis developed a vanity tray to accompany La Prairie’s cream

all images courtesy of La Prairie

In becoming a world leading luxury skincare brand, La Prairie’s name is synonymous with innovation, performance, and Swiss purity. This constant pushing of the boundaries is what led to the collaboration for the Skin Caviar Ritual capsule tray, where Sabine Marcelis had the opportunity to focus La Prairie’s expertise on a specific product. The result; an object of desire, inspired by the company’s iconic, bold, cobalt blue glass packaging of the jar.

La Prairie is synonymous with innovation, performance, and Swiss purity

The Skin Caviar Ritual capsule tray, was first displayed along with a physical installation at Art Basel 2023. Named Cobalt House, Marcelis’ immersive space beautifully complemented the Skin Caviar Luxe Cream, relating to the contrast between the cobalt blue jar and the indulgent texture of the cream within. The sensorial design invites visitors to circulate through a vibrant corridor that leads to a cozy, cream-colored space, encapsulating the codes of the cream and transporting guests into the world of Skin Caviar; where design, beauty, and science come together.

‘Light, color, and material are three things I always revert back to with every project,’ describes Marcelis, named Designer of the Year for ELLE Decor’s 2023 International Design Awards, ‘The Cobalt House is about creating this duality of spaces and experience. You first experience the outer layer, which is this intense blue color in glass. And then you come into this closed-off room where it’s very much the opposite, with soft shapes and curves. You feel like you’ve suddenly landed in a very different place where you’re taken into the cream itself,.’

Marcelis was inspired by the bold, cobalt blue glass packaging of the jar

the object of desire is inspired by the company’s iconic, bold, cobalt blue glass packaging of the jar

the vanity tray is soothingly crafted in marbled gray and cobalt tones

the product features a spatula

a sketch by sabine marcelis

marcelis’ work method involved computer modelling

The Cobalt House transports guests into the world of skin caviar

Check out the Sabine Marcelis designed Vanity Tray on La Prairie’s website!

project info:

name: Skin Caviar Ritual

designer: Sabine Marcelis | @sabine_marcelis

commissioner: La Prairie | @laprairie

featured event: Art Basel 2023

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