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Cards Of Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet Part 61: Miraidon Illustration

Aug 07, 2023

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Our spotlight on the Special Illustration Rare chase cards of Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet moves to one of the top cards: Miraidon.

The Scarlet & Violet era of the Pokémon TCG has begun. With Sword & Shield officially concluded, the Scarlet & Violet era kicked off in March 2023 with a focus on the ninth generation of Pokémon games and the new region: Paldea. It all began with Scarlet & Violet base set which was officially released in the United States on March 31st, 2023. This set introduced major, lasting changes to the hobby. Now, the borders of the cards have become silver, matching the Japanese releases. Another major change is that now each pack culminates in at least a holo-rare and two reverse holos. The major mechanic of this era is the lowercase ex, which features a double holographic pattern of a horizontal shine and a starry sparkle. Full Art exs now use a green, foil outline around the Pokémon. Secret Rare section of expansions going forward features Full Arts, Illustration Rares and Special Illustration Rare exs, Full Art Trainers, Special Illustration Rare Trainers, and Gold Hyper Rares. In today's installment of this Scarlet & Violet base set spotlight, let's take a look at another Special Illustration Rare.

Much like Koraidon's Special Art Rare, which we will spotlight later, depicts a Dedenne scampering in the foreground, this card depicts the Legendary Miraidon interacting with a smaller Pokémon. In this case, it's the Fairy-type Dachsbun, the evolution of Fidough. Where Koraidon's card was outside, Miraidon is seen inside with a beautiful cityscape behind it, shown through a glass wall. Artist kantaro does a beautiful job accentuating this Pokémon's color palette with their choices for the glowing city lights. kantaro's first contribution was in the previous direct set, which was Crown Zenith for English-language collectors and VSTAR Universe for Japanese-language collectors. The TCG seems intent on bringing the excellent kantaro into the fold after their Colress' Experiment Special Art Rare from Crown Zenith, as this artist has quite a few credits in the newly launched Scarlet & Violet era.

Stay tuned for the journey through this special set as we continue to spotlight the cards and artwork of Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet. Next time, the spotlight continues with the Secret Rare section of the set. You can read more about this iconic trading card game right here at Bleeding Cool.

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