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All the Wine You Can Taste (for FREE!) at CHEERS Summer Fest

Jun 04, 2023

CHEERS Summer Fest is just over a week away, with it all set off to kick off next weekend (Sep 9-10). If you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, perhaps we can tempt you with an introduction to all of the top-quality wineries featured at the fest, whose wines you can sample for FREE!

Yes, when you purchase a ticket (RMB 39) for the fest it includes a "tasting passport" that grants you ten free wine tastings, along with a free wine glass, wine glass holder lanyard AND if you purchase your ticket in advance you’ll get either a free CHEERS compact mirror or CHEERS wine stopper! So what’s stopping you? Get your ticket now by scanning the QR code below!

Now, without further ado, on to the most important part of the fest: the wine! With over 100 different wines to swirl, sniff, and sip from a range of internationally renowned wineries hailing from over a dozen countries the choices are astounding, so let’s take a look!

Zimmermann-Graeff & Müller, ZGM for short, is one of the leading wineries in Germany. Founded in 1886 and following a tradition of more than 130 years, they aim to always produce high-quality wines that are affordable for everyone.

Germany is famous for its white wines, especially Riesling, and ZGM's top recommendations for you to taste are either their Peter & Peter Riesling from the Mosel Valley or their Donatushof Riesling from the Saar region, though, of course, they’ll have plenty of other fine wines to try too!

Vignobles Ponty is a boutique family winery founded in 1905 in Canon Fronsac, Bordeaux. In 2019, Helene Ponty took over the winery from her dad and converted it into an organic and biodynamic vineyard. Their 11 hectares are planted with Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc, and the vines share the space with fruit trees, aromatic herbs and other plants, as Helene considers biodiversity important in making the vineyard more sustainable and also believes it creates a more pleasant environment.

In the cellar, their philosophy is of minimal intervention in order to best express the true qualities of the grape and the terroir from which it comes. Helene's efforts have already been rewarded as she was named Best Female Artisan in the wine category by Elle magazine in France in 2022.

Nestled between the magnificent Boland Mountains, Mountain Ridge is a boutique bulk wine cellar in the beautiful Breedekloof region of South Africa. They are the makers of exceptional wines, which are enjoyed all over the world. No matter the quantity, Mountain Ridge’s main objective is quality.

Founded in 1949 as Romansrivier Winery, and situated on De Liefde Road in Wolseley, Mountain Ridge and its 20 grower owners remain close to their roots by providing quality wines and an exceptional cellar door experience. The Boland hospitality is echoed in their wedding and events venue, which has hosted many celebrations of romance.

La Compagnie de Burgondie was created by cooperative wine growers who chose to move forward together. It has since become a key player in the Greater Burgundy wine region. This union of seven reputed houses – cooperative wineries that share common values as well as commercial, marketing and logistical means – work together to promote their wines.

A dynamic sales and marketing wine company based in Chile, 10 International was established in 2006 by two highly experienced wine trade professionals: Toby Hancock and Bill Rolfe. The company was formed after identifying a need in the main wine-consuming countries for wines that give consumers a simple, clear message without losing the little mystique that makes wine what it is.

Today the team has grown to 12, and they work with carefully chosen producers from the ten main wine-producing countries to sell a high-quality collection of wines to markets all over the world. Using these strategic alliances, combined with their own extensive marketing and sales experience, they offer a highly focused wine range, which includes their own specially developed unique brands. These include the Chamanto range from Chile that offers key international varieties at great value and consistency, and also the Gran Ventino red blend from Northern Italy, which is an amazingly intense and concentrated wine with a smooth and rounded finish.

Based in Isla de Maipo, a small town in Central Chile, TerraMater is a family winery founded in 1996 by the three Canepa sisters: Gilda, Edda and Antonieta. A passion for the production of fine wines has been in their Italian family since the early 1930s, and they decided to use their renowned vineyards in a new project focused on the high-quality production of fine wines: TerraMater.

MONDODELVINO SPA is a proud member of ARGEA SPA, a top Italian wine group. Founded in 2013 as a holding company of a group of wineries, MONDODELVINO SPA combines its vision with loyalty to its roots, passion, and an innovative look toward the future. Its origins, which began in 1991 with the founding of the MGM Mondo del Vino winery, stem from the pioneering vision of oenologists and winemaking experts Alfeo Martini, Roger Gabb, and Christoph Mack, who together created an innovative way of producing and marketing quality Italian wine.

In 2002, MGM relocated to Priocca (Piedmont) and began producing classic Piedmontese wines from the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato wine districts under the Ricossa brand and, over the years, sparkling wines from the Cuvage winery founded in Acqui Terme. Other wineries then joined, such as the Romagna-based Poderi dal Nespoli, with its high-quality Sangiovese and innovative white wines produced by the Ravaioli family since 1929, and Barone Montalto, based in Santa Ninfa (Sicily) and one of the leading export brands of fine Sicilian wines.

For generations, the Corvezzo family has been cultivating vines in the territories of Marca Trevigiana, in Italy. Starting from the first experiments with an integrated pest management method, up to the total conversion of the vineyard to organic farming in 2017, the idea of sustainable quality wine production has always characterized every aspect of Corvezzo’s winemaking style.

Today, the use of the most advanced technologies together with a deep respect for tradition, along with the family’s belief in organic production without compromise and the constant control of the supply chain, allows the organic grapes grown by Corvezzo to reach a more natural and balanced ripening, even without the use of synthetic substances.

The organic grapes grown with passion by the Corvezzo family are naturally stronger and do not need any intrusive winemaking technique to be able to express all the aromatic potential of the vine. Therefore, Corvezzo’s winemaking team just follows the organic fermenting process with respect and kindness, to preserve the typicality of their terroir.

Tussock Jumper is a premium wine brand created from the shared passion of wine specialists from 11 different countries. Their aim is to bring together the world’s very best wines under a single, distinctive, quality mark: the woolly red sweater of the Tussock Jumper. So you can jump from wine to wine, jumper to jumper, all around the world!

What makes them truly unique is that all their wines are bottled at source – in the same place where the grapes are grown. And, because their producers appreciate the love they have for wine, they’re happy to pass on their very best quality wines to them, which makes them pretty proud.

Casa Santos Lima is a family-owned company dedicated to the production, bottling and selling of Portuguese wines. It is the largest producer of “Vinho Regional Lisboa” and “DOC Alenquer,” and in recent years has been one of the most awarded Portuguese wineries in major national and international wine competitions. It was recognized as the "Best Portuguese Producer" by the prestigious international wine competition Mundus Vini 2021, and won in the same category at the Berliner Wein Trophy 2020 competition. This distinction highlights the excellent positioning and work done both internationally and nationally by the company.

Quinta do Zambujeiro is a Portugese winery where all of their wines are completely handmade: All grapes are handpicked, gentle grape and wine handling techniques are used, and grapes are transported in small plastic crates and never pumped. Each grape is quality controlled before going into their wine – customers shouldn’t drink what you wouldn’t eat!

The grapes are fermented in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks and in small fermenting tanks of French oak. Depending on the wine style, they use selected or spontaneous yeast strains, and pump-overs and pigéage are used to submerge the skins. Long macerations are used on the skins for up to six weeks in order to extract tannins and color. Malolactic fermentation takes place in the barrels, and all red wines are barrel matured in French oak for up to two years and bottled without any filtration or fining. Their wines are made for a long shelf life and will age slowly to perfection over many years. They should be stored carefully below 15 degrees C.

KWV is an icon of the South African wine industry, combining over 100 years of history alongside a commitment to innovation within the South African wine industry. Since KMV's establishment in 1918, this combination has seen them take a pioneering role in the development of South African wine exports, brandy production, and viticultural and winemaking techniques, including the development of South Africa's most famous red grape - Pinotage.

The company is located in Paarl, right at the heart of Western Cape's spectacular Winelands, and they use their history as a cooperative to maintain strong relationships with farmers spanning generations and the entirety of the Western Cape. This ensures that they can offer a complete portfolio of delicious wines covering everything from easy-drinking, entry-level bottles to some of the region's most iconic wines and world-beating brandies.

For those of you who want to have a taste of something other than wine, Hard Candy's ciders will also be available as part of the wine-tasting passport. Hard Candy creates session ciders that can be enjoyed at any time you’re looking for a refreshing bubbly drink. They pack a juicy burst of flavor into every bottle by brewing up a range of innovative flavor pairings that rebel against traditional cider.

Hammeken Cellars is a modern and innovative producer of Spanish wines, with a portfolio focused on branded products developed through the understanding of consumers' needs. They create and commercialize modern, high-quality Spanish wines, focusing on the latest consumer trends, and delivering affordable luxury in every bottle.

To elevate the image and prestige of Spanish wines in the world, they aim to exceed customer expectations and surprise consumers with their quality, design, and engagement. They have 18 different appellations of Spanish wines in their portfolio and their two recommended wines to try at the fest are the Tosalet Carignan Vinyes Velles 2013 and the Gotas De Mar Godello Fermentado En Barricas 2019.

Vino del Sol’s mission is to be your trusted source for great wine. Since 2004 they have built their reputation as a leading importer of terroir-driven wines that over-deliver in value. Known as “The Argentine Wine Specialist®,” they also market exceptional wines and sake from California, Chile, Japan, and New Zealand. They are proud to be the exclusive U.S. importer of Altocedro, Anko, Black Cabra, Criss Cross, Crooked Path, Gen5, Kura Selections, Lamadrid, Las Cartas, Osmosis, River Farm, Taonga, Tapiz, Tassajara, Teho & Zaha, Wapisa, and Zolo.

Vino del Sol works hand-in-hand with their customers and wineries to develop client-exclusive brands that over-deliver on value for the consumer. Vino del Sol’s wineries are all estate-grown, sustainably farmed, and family-owned. Their wines have received hundreds of 90+ point reviews.

Burgozone is a boutique family winery perched on the slopes of the Danube river in Northern Bulgaria, overlooking the island of Esperanto. Burgozone is named after the Roman fortress built on the ancient Roman road Via Istrum. As an independent winegrower, their ambition is to present a new, modern and elegant style of Bulgarian wines.

A winery located in Alsace, France, Charles Frey invites you to discover their wisdom and respect for this delicious beverage they hold so dear. When they taste the fruit of their work, a smile illuminates their face and they want to share this joy with you through their wines.

Founded in 2008, The Wine Republic offers a range of 180+ wines from 30 producers in six countries: France, Italy, Austria, China, New Zealand, and Australia. They represent family-owned wineries who pour their passion into their vineyards and wines.

You’ll find their wines in many of the best restaurants, wine bars and hotels across China. They also provide a home delivery service and hold wine tastings and dinners in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Chengdu. Their portfolio includes natural wines from leading Austrian producers: Loimer, Heinrich and Hajszan Neumann; and some of China’s best wines from Chapter & Verse, Domain Franco Chinois, and Xiao Pu.

On Douyin, Laojin’s channel 老金喝不倒 (lǎo jīn hē bùdǎo) has almost one million followers. In August they had more than 40 million views and sold over RMB one million in spirits, creating content that is part honest introductions to quality spirits, part trashing fake/dodgy alcohol brands and part just having fun.

Laojin has more than 14 years experience in the whisky industry as a brand ambassador, brand manager and consultant having worked with most of the major alcohol groups as well as having his own range of “effing delicious” whiskies sold exclusively through his channel. Laojing was recently made ByteDance ambassador for a rural children's charity where RMB 20 from every bottle of 巨提米好喝 jù tí mǐ hǎohē sold goes towards helping rural kids get a chance in life. When not drinking or trading whisky Laojin is often found cooking, cycling and drinking white wine in Cheers.

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CHEERS Wine Fest will be happening from Saturday, Sep 9, to Sunday, Sep 10, at Dongyue Square, THE BOX Youth Energy Center (Unit 12, Chaowai Jie, Chaoyang District). Save the date and stay tuned for more details!

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Images: courtesy of CHEERS, the vendors

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